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Brief History of NTS


Mar 3,1966 Launch of the National Tax Service(NTS)
(4 Bureaus, 13 Divisions, 4 Regional Tax Offices, 77 District Tax Offices, and 23 Branch Offices)
Apr 15,1967 The NTS Organization Reform
(Established the National Tax Officials Training Institute, and newly added Daegu Regional Tax Office
and 4 District Tax Offices)


Mar 3,1970 Concluded the Korea-Japan Tax Treaty  [ Conclusion of the Korea-Japan Tax Treaty ]
Jan 1,1975 Tax system reform
- Abrogated the Real Estate Speculation Control Tax
- Introduced the full-scale Global Income Tax System, New Capital Gains Tax and the Excess Profit Tax
- Enacted the Basic Law for National Taxes
Jul.1,1977 Introduced the Value Added Tax and the Special Excise Tax


Jan 1,1982 Introduced the Education Tax
Revised the Tax Exemption and Reduction Control Law
Aug 20,1987 Opened the New Public Service Center
Jun 23,1988 Announced the simplification of Tax Receipt System


Aug 12,1993 Introduced the Real-name Financial Transaction System
Jan 6,1997 Opened the Tax Integrated System
Jun 30,1997 Adopted the Charter of Taxpayer's Rights
Mar 3,1999 Opened Homepage on the Internet
Sept 1,1999 Downsized and Reformed the NTS's organization
(Consolidated one regional tax office and 35 district tax offices)

- Reorganized the NTS according to essential functions not by the type of taxes
- Moving of the NTS

2000 ~ Present

2000 ~ Present
Jan 1,2000 Introduced the Credit Card Lottery System
Mar 3,2001 Opened the National Tax General Consulting Center
Oct 5,2002 New NTS Building Completed
Opened the Tax Museum
Mar 24,2003 Appointment of Youngsup Lee as Commissioner of the NTS
Oct 20, 2003 33rd SGATAR Meeting was held in Seoul
Mar 15,2005 Appointment of Ju-Sung Lee as Commissioner of the NTS
Jul 18,2006 Appointment of Goonpyo Jeon as Commissioner of the NTS
Sep 13,2006 3rd OECD FTA Meeting was held in SEOUL
Dec 6,2006 Launched the Year-end Tax Settlement Service (YESONE)
Nov 30,2007 Appointment of Sang Yool Han as Commissioner of the NTS
May 1,2008 Placed the Taxpayer Advocacy Committee at 90 district tax offices
Jul 1,2008 Opened the NTS Customer Satisfaction Center
Jul 16,2009 Appointment of Yong-Ho Baek as Commissioner of the NTS
Jan 1,2010 Introduced the e-Tax Invoice System and e-Sero Service
Aug 30,2010 Appointment of Hyun-dong Lee as Commissioner of the NTS
Nov 18,2010 Launched Offshore Compliance Enforcement Office under International Taxation Bureau
Jun 1,2011 Introduced the Foreign Bank Account Reporting Regime
Mar 27,2013 Appointment of Kim, Duk-joong as Commissioner of the NTS
Oct 14, 2013 43rd SGATAR Meeting was held in Jeju
Aug 21, 2014 Appointment of Hwan-Soo Lim as Commissioner of the NTS
Dec 22, 2014 Relocated to Sejong Special Self-Governing City
Feb 23, 2015 Opened the Neo Tax Integrated System
Oct 27, 2015 Relocated the National Tax Training Institute, the NTS Liquor License Support Center, and the National Tax Consultation Center to Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Dec 24, 2015 Relocated the Tax Museum to Sejong City
Jun 29, 2017 Appointment of Sung-Hee Han as Commissioner of the NTS
Apr 3, 2019 Opened the NTS Incheon Regional Office
Jun 28, 2019 Appointment of Hyun-Jun Kim as Commissioner of the NTS