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Offshore Tax Evasion Report Center
The online center offers a service where you can report using your own name or anonymously
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How to Use Offshore Tax Evasion Report Center
Reporting with name refers to a report where an informant gives his/her real name and personal information, describes overseas incomes, in details, evaded by a certain individual or corporation, attaches supporting documents and reports on paper or online.
Anonymous report refers to a report where an informant gives the information on overseas tax evasion committed by an individual or corporation.
      If you want your identification to be known, please click on Report with name.
      If you want your identification to remain unknown, please click on Anonymous report.
Examples of Offshore Tax Evasion
When Korean residents (or domestic corporations) hide their assets overseas by using a foreigner’s name
When Korean residents (or domestic corporations) unfairly or willfully transfer their income overseas through an overseas subsidiary
When Korean residents (or domestic corporations) omit income from home and abroad from their return and hide it at home or abroad
When domestic corporations hide away corporate funds by disguising them as funds for overseas investment
When Korean residents spend their money extravagantly or gamble too much too often
When tax issues of Korean residents were known to Korean residents abroad or reported to a foreign paper or etc.
When Korean residents created problems in the community of overseas Koreans due to tax issues and etc.
When there is any information that an informant thinks is important
How to Fill in the Online Reporting Form
The informant should describe suspicious tax evasion activities in detail based on the 5W1H principle.
The informant should use his/her real name to report tax evasion through "Report Room (real name)".
Supporting documents should be attached.
If the informant is confident that tax was evaded but does not have any supporting documents, he/she should describe it in as detail as possible.
Who Handles Reported Information
The International Investigation Division of the National Tax Service directly receives and handles all of the reported information on tax evasion. ex) GO PAGE
If information reported through Reporting with name is used as a basis for a tax audit and back taxes are paid, the informant can receive rewards under the Framework Act on the National Taxes and the Procedure of the Punishment of Tax Evaders Act after presenting his/her name and address and signing his/her name. ex) GO PAGE
We guarantee that the information reported will never be exposed to the outside. So, please feel assured to report on any kinds of tax evasion activities overseas.