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Application Procedure
Application Procedure of the National Tax Service International Study Visit Program

The NTS provides the International Study Visit Program to government officials from foreign countries where participants receive briefings on Korean tax administration and opportunities to visit tax museum, Korean tax offices, etc.

For the visit, the applicant must submit the International Study Visit Program Application and the list of participants attached. Please allow us at least 45 days to coordinate the program as arrangement of experts for the requested topics and preparation of presentations may require some time. Otherwise, the visit may not be arranged.

The contents of the program can be a combination of below topics.

ㆍBriefing, Introduction of the NTS and its Structure & Function
ㆍBriefing, Cash Receipt System
ㆍBriefing, Hometax Service
ㆍBriefing, Neo Tax Integrated System
ㆍBriefing, Advance Ruling
ㆍBriefing, Simplified Year-end Tax Settlement(salary & wage income)
ㆍBriefing, National Tax Law Information System
ㆍBriefing, Tax Invoice System
ㆍField trip, Tax Museum

As the program is provided in Korean, the requesting country must provide an interpreter.

The NTS provides briefings and arrange field trips only. Other expenses such as airfare, transportation, meals, accommodation, etc. are the responsibility of the visiting country.

Download Files : National Tax Service International Study Visit Program Application.docx
                            List of Participants.xls